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CloudBlue Rev

Product by CloudBlue

CloudBlue Rev enables partners to manage channel revenue with integrated quoting, provisioning, invoicing and automated reconciliation across hardware, software and subscriptions for both Ingram Micro Online and Cloud Marketplace.

Free 3-Month Trial

See how CloudBlue Rev can accelerate your workflows and revenue. Sign up for a free, 3-month trial.

With CloudBlue Rev, you have one automated solution that streamlines your channel workflows and enables you to quickly transact with all of Ingram Micro.

Automate quoting from simple orders to complex solution sets. Quickly generate quotes whether you sell through transactional, recurring or consumption-based models—or even a combination of all three.
Purchasing and Provisioning
Quickly buy and provision hardware, software and cloud solutions from Ingram Micro Online and Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace for your customers all in one place.
Recurring Contracts
Easily manage recurring contracts for services and solutions both for your offerings or any vendor of your choice.
Easily create consolidated invoices for your customers for simple orders to complex solution bundles. Leverage multi-currency and multi-language capabilities for global transactions. Receive monthly consolidated invoices from Ingram Micro.
Billing Reconciliation
Save time and increase accuracy with automated billing reconciliation that offers advanced billing models for both in-advance recurring (committed) billing and in-arrears pay-as-you-go (PAYG) metered billing.
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