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Harmony PSA

Product by Harmony

Harmony PSA provides full business life cycle and automation capability from lead to cash in a single system, supporting multi-currency, multi-legal entity, multi-culture and multi-lingual use.

Harmony PSA’s contract management capability provides the perfect platform for seamlessly managing cloud product sales and distribution, and Harmony PSA's project management system is perfect for larger project-based engagements.

Harmony PSA supports your business with a plethora of functionality including:

  • Lead and opportunity pipeline management
  • Fully-integrated quotes and order management
  • Back-to-back purchase order management
  • Asset management
  • Contract management
  • Service desk & customer portal
  • RMM event and asset integrations
  • Integrated knowledge base
  • Project management
  • Timesheets and expenses
  • Invoicing generation and customisation
  • Accounting integration with well-known cloud products

Key Features

Service Desk

  • Unlimited ticket types, each with specific custom fields and workflows
  • Rich behavioural configuration by ticket type including auto-subscription rules
  • SLA monitoring and notifications with 3-tier SLA override capability, default, by contract, by asset
  • Full email threading with support for private/public comments and attached image rendering in ticket body
  • Configurable routing rules to auto-create and auto-assign inbound emails

Billing of Time

  • Fast, flexible, multi-level time entry model supported by timers and various auto-population options
  • User homepage dashboard reporting showing state of timesheet completion and performance vs utilisation targets
  • Sophisticated rate cascade structure that permits rate modelling against multiple criteria (location activity type, band, individual, time of day etc) preventing manual post-processing

Transactional CRM and Contract Modelling

  • Lead to opportunity to order to contract with no duplicate data entry or interfaces to worry about
  • Auto-create opportunity from quote, supports complete pipeline reporting without additional effort
  • Auto-update opportunity value from selected quote, improves pipeline reporting accuracy without effort
  • Custom fields/notifications/WebHooks/API automation framework facilitates event-based upsell opportunity automation
  • Single opportunity, multiple quote data model prevents pipeline over-statement from potential duplication

Customer, Contract & Project Profitability

  • Comparison dashboard graph that provides instant access to your top and bottom ten performing customers, over different periods measured by revenue, margin or contribution
  • Single click from the dashboard takes you to a 12-month trend view of the customer with one-click drill down to transaction level or filter by project/contract
  • Automatic revenue and cost recognition driven by product
  • Full support for Work In Progress (WIP) accounting on projects including purchase cost recognition pre-calculation
  • Back-to-back supplier schedule matched to customer contracts ensuring cost alignment on recurring agreements

Configuration & Automation

  • Rich and sophisticated custom field offering, design object attributes and relationships to suit your own business model
  • Site-wide notification rules engine with data model navigator both on notification trigger rule definition and content design
  • Ability to trigger Webhooks from custom notifications to achieve bespoke integrations or call Harmony’s APIs to create/update other objects
  • Site-wide Kanban capability - build individual or team boards to present data to suit your role
  • Pin Kanban totals to your home page with instant detail data access
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