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Product by SignTech

The SignTech e-Forms and eSignature platform and workflow solution enables you to create (or convert your existing forms to) re-usable digital paperless forms and processes that can be completed by your customers, staff and users on smartphones, tablets and PCs. The solution has a fully private and on-premise option therefore your data is totally secure and private. This enables your staff to continue business processes from home and other non-office locations.

Convert to Digital Processes with eForms & eSignatures

We help convert all existing forms (maintaining your company brand, original look and feel) and business processes to fully digital end-to-end workflows. Each user has access to their e-Forms and workflows and will receive alerts and notifications when there is a document that they need to complete/sign.

The SignTech Paperless office solution helps you convert all your paper-based forms and manual processes into fully integrated digital workflow solutions with the ability to sign digitally and allows your staff to work from anywhere.

  • Reduce document processing time by over 90%
  • Cut costs by over 80%
  • Start realising the benefits instantly
  • Improve document processing cycle times by more than 14 days
  • ROI can be as much as 20x faster

High-Level Product Features And Benefits

  • Switch all your forms and processes to fully integrated digital/paperless workflow forms
  • Enhanced customer experience/journey
  • Significant process improvement & error reduction
  • Fully secure private on-premise solution
  • Immediate cost savings
  • Significant environmental impact
  • Lowest priced solution (like for like features)
  • Document sharing
  • Document workflow
  • Secure digital esignature solution

For More Information

Please refer to our website - to learn more about product capabilities.

Product Features and Benefits

Workflow Management Tools
Assign forms to different team members for processing as part of process creation. With the flexibility to make changes as required mid-process.
Process Management
Each user receives an email and in app alert when they are required to perform a task during the form processing workflow.
e-Forms Processing
After converting your existing word/pdf/paper forms into fully interactive integrated eForms enabled processes they can be effectively managed using your SignTech Paperless account.
Your Branding Maintained
Your existing branding, look and feel is fully maintained both on your forms and you get a personalised profile on the mobile apps as well as the private SignTech Paperless server.
Effective Metadata Capture
The metadata submitted by your users whilst completing your forms is captured accurately and securely and sent to your private data base to enable instant data analysis and reporting.
Flexible Workflows
Whether 1 or 20 people are signing simultaneously or in a specific order, we have you covered. You can also carbon copy (cc) other people in your organization.
Personal e-Forms Completion and Signing
Your forms can be completed by your users, staff and customers using the widely and freely available SignTech Paperless app on iOS, Andriod tablets and smartphones as well as via a web browser.
Banking Level Privacy and Security
Forms completed on the SignTech mobile apps or servers are securely encrypted and decrypted during transmission as well as using SSL and device biometrics where available and permitted.
The SignTech team can implement custom integrations as required as well as standard integrations to other systems such as DropBox,
System Signature Legality
All signatures are fully legally binding and highly secure as the SignTech Paperless system signatures cannot be copied and applied to other documents. Users have to sign each new form with their own signatures.
Audit Trail
Each form has a full audit trail to ensure all information can be tracked, traced and audited as required.
Award-Winning Technology
Our Award-winning innovative proprietary technology is only available exclusively through us. Received the BrightSprak award for “Best Innovative Use of Technology for Business”
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